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Dog Daycare

Waggy Warehouse dog daycare is your dog's home away from home! We're here to provide cuddles, training, playtime and social enrichment for your dog whilst you're at work, away for the day or just need to get some things done around the house (even some peace and quiet!) 

Mental & Physical Stimulation

At Waggy Warehouse, the fun starts at 8 am when all the dogs start to arrive! Your dog will then be put into an appropriate play group matched to their size, play style and/or activity level. There is plenty for your dog to see and do as we have lots to keep them busy & engaged everyday including:

  • structured training & manners sessions 
  • nap/rest times 
  • walks
  • parties 
  • agility 
  • plenty of cuddles and affection
  • hunting games & sensory enrichment (bubbles, changes of scenery, toy time, scavenger hunts etc)
  • and more!!

Ready to let your dog have some fun?

Give us a ring or pop in for more information and to book your dog's assessment. 

*tours and assessments are by appointment 

Bring your completed enrolment form, as well as your dog's vaccine record with you when you come for your tour or assessment.

Oh, and, you'll be needing to be sure you've read the small print stuff too!

We offer half day & full day care for your dog. 

Prices are £11 for up to 5 hours, and £18 for 5+ hrs

Does your dog qualify for daycare? Check out our Pre-Consult checklist before contacting us to book an appointment, to see if your dog might be suitable for daycare

We have 3 separate rooms which have couches, dog beds, podiums and play houses for your dog to relax and play in. We also have kennels for nap/lunch times equipped with raised beds for your dog's comfort whilst they have their lunch and recharge their batteries. 


  • All dogs must pass a behavioural assessment to be accepted into daycare
  • Dogs should have good dog-dog social skills & enjoy the company of other dogs and people
  • we do not accept aggressive dogs, or dogs which pose a threat towards other dogs or people. 
Questions about our requirements? See our FAQ's page